Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Stuff, We do

Today I am linking up with Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Life: Activities for Kids

With Summer upon us it’s hard to figure out just what to do to keep us not only sane but having fun as well.  My kids age span is 6 years, with the oldest being 11 and youngest almost 5…so sometimes it’s hard to find something that we can do together…or more or less something for them to do.

First thing…use Google…We Google Science stuff all the time…that’s how we made home made bubbles last week.

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You can pick up those bubble wands at Target in the dollar section! 

The recipe we used to make our bubbles was

  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp corn syrup {light}
  • 4 tbsp dish washing liquid

The bubbles seem to be a lot thicker and last a bit longer in the air than the stuff you buy from the store. Also on our science list this summer to make is Gak, edible peanut butter play doh and more.  {see lot’s of fun easy stuff to do}

Second up…You should always have a sand box!  You can buy tons of sand toys at the dollar store and it’s just a lot of fun for kids to play in.  We have one with lot’s of things to play with from the traditional sand pail and shovel to plastic cups and frisbees.  Kelsie loves to “cook” with her sand.  If you use your mist on your water hose and mist the sand it’s just like the damp sand at the beach and you can create almost anything. 

Last….art stuff…from Crayola washable paints and sidewalk chalk to play doh and construction paper, glue and scissors.  This can keep a kid entertained for a long time.  I love throwing out newspaper on the table, putting a smock {an old button up shirt of mine} on Kelsie and letting her creativity fly.  You can also do this with shaving cream. ;) 

June 2009 019 June 2009 018

June 2009 020 June 2009 023

There is no telling what your child might come up with and who knows you may have a new masterpiece to frame or take to work!

So this is what we do…when boredom strikes around here.

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Beth in NC said...

Looks like a lot of fun! My idea of fun has been joining a community pool. Ha. I'm sure my little one would love to do some crafts over the summer.