Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Guy was Just Hanging Out

Last week Zack told me one morning before school “don’t get scared but there is a huge moth on the car port above your car”.  Ok, I told him.  I am not scared of anything flying, unless it’s a frog!  I have the frog phobia whatever it is technically named, but I’m ok with everything else.  So I knew no moth was gonna scare me!

I walked out to take the kids to school and wow, he was right, it was huge.  He had been there since the evening prior and hadn’t moved an inch.  Zack thought he might be dying, but apparently he was only on a short vacation from where ever he was from.  Two days later he was gone.  Well, if he would have passed away and left his body, somehow, I’m not sure how that works with moths dying, he would have ended up in a petri dish in Kelsie’s class room at school. : )

Anywho…Zack caught a picture of him before he moved on and I thought I’d share it with y’all.

may 2010 012 copy

I sure would have loved to have seen him, well um or her, with her wings out, because the colors are just beautiful.


Darlene said...

It does look REALLY neat!!

Heatherlyn said...

My son ate a moth something like that when he was a baby. Or he put the whole thing in his mouth anyway, and I took it out. The thing was alive and it dried off (I took some pictures) and it flew away!