Tuesday, May 25, 2010

By the Waters Edge..

My kids are complete opposites.  Kayla fears bugs, spiders, frogs, and scary rides {learned that on the Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios}.  It also took her forever to finally get the courage up to get in the pool without her float ring around her waist.  She just was terrified, I guess of drowning.  She was nearly 8 when she finally learned to swim.  Going under the water, that was just as bad.  If she were splashed in the face, she would totally freak out and nearly cry. Thankfully she has overcome that fear and now goes under water without any problems whatsoever.
may 2010 018
Kelsie on the other hand loves bugs, spiders, frogs and scary rides.  She rescues any bug that finds its way into our home.  She loves to touch lizards and begs to hold them.  And scary rides, HA!  She laughed and giggled the entire time she was on the Tower or Terror.  And in the water…she is a fish!
Both the girls were raised in the water.  Every year we get in the pool.  It’s just that Kelsie took to it so much quicker, first with a swim vest and now water wings…and then…Friday.  Last Friday we bought Kelsie her first pair of goggles{after she ask for a pair} and now…she is running and jumping in and going under!  She stands on the ladder and falls backwards going under and she is even swimming under water.  We are so proud of our little water bug!
may 2010 009
may 2010 012


Darlene said...

Great pictures....our water is still really cold. Lexi usually takes her first swim on Memorial Day weekend which is coming right up!!!!....BRRRRR

Heatherlyn said...

Kids can be so different! It's a relief when they finally learn how to swim, isn't it?!

Kelli said...

Look at that sweet girl. I miss them already. By the end of the week Caleb was trying to swim without his floaties. I think we'll have to put him in lessons.