Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coolest Way to Wash Laundry, since the Washing Machine and a Giveaway!


Last month I was contacted by a company that makes a very cool “green” laundry ball, the Robby Wash. Doesn’t sound much like something that would help you? Well think again!

The Robby Wash is new high efficiency hypoallergenic laundry detergent inside a ball. New for us, but this idea has been around in Europe for years. {why is it Europe is the first to get all the cool things?!}

Anyways. You just toss in your laundry and your Robby Wash, start your washer and let it go. This ball will wash on average up to 12 months! Yep, 12 months.image

I have tried out both Robby Washes and have been very impressed with both. I was worried about the cleanliness of the clothing, because I am a detergent over user. I always pour in lot’s of detergent just to make sure everything comes out clean. With the Robby Wash there is no need to add extra detergent.

There are two types of balls, one being the Blue and the other is the Pink. The difference between the two is the blue Robby Wash is made to wash whites and colors in hot or cold water, where as the pink Robby Wash is made to wash colors in cold water. {using cold water saves TONS of money!}

Both the Robby Washes are made for front loaders and top loading washing machines. No extra detergent is needed nor will you need to add fabric softener. Oh and if you wondering how your clothes will smell….I think it smells just like the “Clean Linen” scent from Yankee Candle Co. {I love that smell!}

Would you like to try out the Robby Wash for yourself?


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Good luck!!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

These look really cool, but I don't understand how they work. Do you add detergent into the ball? Anything that can last that long is interesting to me!

So glad to be back to blogging!
Thanks for encouraging me always.


M said...

I need to try the Roby Ball because I live in a Frat House like setting with a bunch of BOYS! These boys have the ability to get dirtier than ANYONE I've ever seen. I really, really need to try this new laundry detergent; I'm an overuser just like you. If I don't get to try it; I guess I'll have to go buy it.

schwadette said...

very interesting....i would LOVE to try these! anything that makes laundry easier is a MUST in our house. i've been making my own laundry soap for almost a year... but am due to make more. have NO motivation to do so. something that lasts 12 months would be a miracle! :)

Stephanie said...

Okay these look awesome and I really want to try one! I have four kids, who could be put inside a sterile room and would still come out incredibly dirty. I am constantly doing laundry, and would love a way to save money on laundry detergent.

Stephanie said...

I am also a follower of your blog.

Tracy B at FeedSack Cooking said...

these look you i am a detergent overloader also. so these might come in handy

Wendy said...

Those seem really neat!

I would like to try them because with 5 of us in the house, we do a TON of laundry. Anything to make it somewhat faster sounds food to me!