Monday, February 15, 2010

Social Media Moms Conference in Disney

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Dreams do come true.  Those are the only words that I can utter right about now.  It’s Monday and just two days after we left Disney to come home and I am still on my Mickey Mouse high!

A huge thanks to the sponsors of this event and DISNEY!  First off, this was mine and the girls’ first visit.  Zack had been on two other occasions when he was a child.  However, the magic never gets old and neither does Mickey Mouse.  He was just as thrilled as we were. 

Even though the events and days/nights in the parks left me sore and sleepy, I had the best time of my life.  It was 4 days that I’ll never forget.  I learned a lot from the conferences and hopefully I will remember most of it.

Wednesday night we got to hang out at the ESPN Wide World of Sports where I met a couple of different bloggers, one being Chrystal from Simple Being Mommy and the others I can’t remember their names. {sorry}  Chrystal and I were both looking for our families as we were coming out of the short conference where we learned about what’s coming up in Disney and some information about the new cruises' coming out.  Along with an ultra cool new ship!  Our evening finished off with dinner with lot’s of friends!

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Thursday was busy from the start.  Epcot was awesome!  Apparently I have been using Twitter all wrong, well maybe not all wrong, but I  learned quiet a few pointers from Guy Kawasaki on how to use it more effectively.  The best part of this morning was getting to see Ty Pennington! Did I mention the huge crush I used to have on Ty?!  Oh how I wished I would have had the camera, but I let Zack have it with the girls in the park.  They went to the Magic Kingdom while I was busy. 

When we were able to meet up with families, I left Epcot and had the best day in the Magic Kingdom.  We didn’t attend dinner that night at Epcot even though it was provided.  We decided that we would eat in the MK because we would never make it back in time for dinner.  I have to say the highlight of the MK that night was the SpectroMagic Parade.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the characters and Princess’ dressed up in the lights.  But then again I loved riding Dumbo and all the others that we caught!  Oh, and meeting Alice and Cinderella’s step sisters was pretty great too!

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Friday was so busy with everything from Maxine Clark, Chris Brogan to Kathy Ireland!  There was so much to take in that I wished they would have broken this day up a bit more so I could remember half of what I heard.

This may have been the last day for the conferences but we stayed all day Saturday and drove home late that night.  We tried so desperately to get another room but they were all booked up thanks to flights being cancelled because of the unusual snow fall in most of the country.  I know that next year if we are invited back that we will definitely stay the entire length of time for the tickets.  Although we got to experience everything we wanted to experience there is so much more at all the parks. 

However, we are planning a family vacation next Spring!  A huge thanks to Disney for giving us this awesome experience!!

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This trip was discounted and we received special entertainment, food and other complimentary items thanks to the Social Media Moms Conference.  However, this is my honest opinion!

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