Friday, January 15, 2010

My Heart Aches…

By now everyone has heard the news of the horrible quake that struck in Haiti.  By now we have all seen the images of death and sadness, horror laced with hope.  There are so many people flying in to help with the search and rescue.  Zack said that if we had the money he would fly down to help.  We would all want other countries to show compassion to us in a time of such turmoil. 

I was watching the Today show this morning and former President Bill Clinton was on.  He is the UN spokesperson for Haiti. {I believe that is what they said}  He was talking about that there are so many people giving to the efforts of relief for Haiti.  However they are in need of food and water.

While watching this morning I was almost in tears.  This is just the second time that I am seeing any of these images.  I try to guard myself from watching such sadness.  What those people must be going through, I can not imagine.  I don’t want to imagine. 

I watched last night for the first time, after our local news.  I was so heart broken. There were a few families that were waiting to hear the news about their children that they are adopting from orphanages in Haiti.  I can not imagine the heart ache these families were feeling.  Their children that they had not heard their fate until yesterday.  Luckily for these families these children are alive and well.  My heart still aches for the families who their children, mothers, fathers, loved ones are still missing. 

I feel the urge to reach out a hand to these people.  We are going to donate and I urge you to do the same.  Bill Clinton said that even $10 would help.  Think about if everybody gave at least $10 what that would mean to these people. $10 may not sound like a lot, maybe you feel like if you can’t give a huge sum that there is no point in giving, but that’s just not the case. Any amount would be better than nothing. 

If you do donate, head over to Kelly’s Korner and leave a comment.  They are going to donate $1 up to $1000 for every comment mentioning that you have donated and where you donated too. 

There are many places you can donate too:

Text "Haiti" to 90999 to give $10 to the Red Cross

Text "disaster" to 90999 to give $10 to Compassion's disaster relief program

Make a contribution through Compassion

There is a blogger that has set up a blog, Hope for Haiti where she is taken donations for auction to donate the funds.

Donate through World Vision

Donate through the Red Cross

Or you can simply Google “Donate to Haiti”

Just remember any amount will help, no donation is too small.  If you only have $5.00 to give, that is more than nothing at all.


Pray for Haiti, the country, the families, and our men and women going to help.


Darlene said...

It is such a sad situation over there. It breaks my heart seeing all of those people without homes, hurt and just trying to survive through it. We donated money to the Red Cross because I know they always help during disaster situations and we know they are a reputable charity.

Thena said...

Pioneer woman is also contributing per comment. And is doing $1.00 raffle, money will go to Haiti, raffle is for free advertising on her blog.