Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Completely Randomisms

Thanks to Kelli’s random post today, I decided since I haven’t written or actually had spotty posts this year I would do a random post!  It’s fairly long, btw.  I started writing things and wow, I had a lot of randoms to share! *smiles*

- I really am ready to get over this funky sickness that I have.  Going on a week and half today, I am just sick of being sick.  I am almost over it, I can feel it.  My throat no longer hurts, my sinuses are clearing up but I have a lingering cough.

- Kelsie has been home everyday this week so far because she has caught this funk.  She is congested and is taken the same medicine that she got from the dr the last time she was congested.  I hate that she’s sick, but I have really enjoyed her being home.

- I am so excited about going to Disney next month for the Social Media Moms Celebration!  The only down fall is I am a huge planner and the only list that I can some what make is what to take.  This trip was dirt cheap and we don’t really have the money to go and spend a lot while there and since the hotel room we are staying in has a fridge, we plan on taking food to make sandwich’s and what not so that we don’t spend any money on food and drinks.  We plan on eating one meal inside the park.  The rest will be in our hotel.  I have planned for ice cream one of the days in the park and lucky for us you can take your own snacks and drinks inside the parks.  {huge bonus for those on a budget}

- My house is a mess at this moment.  Since we’ve been sick I haven’t dusted, swept, mopped or vacuumed anything.  The only thing productive I have done is wash clothes.  My mother n law and grandmother n law happened to come over and fold the monstrous pile of clothes in my living room floor. {thankfully}  No, they didn’t come over to fold clothes, they just decided to do it while they were visiting.  {either way, I’m not complaining}

- I am in a craft funk.  Last year at this time I had already done several Valentine crafts but this year it’s like, what’s the point.  I have all these ideas but just don’t want to do any of them.  Maybe it’s because I am sick.   I hope to get out of this soon.  All these ideas in my head are just screaming to get out!

- I have wanted to reach out and contact my daddy for a while now.  I know that there was a lot of crap that went down.  But I feel as though he is reaching out to me in an inconspicuous way.  I decided to send him a Christmas card and did.  A week or so later we received one back.  {I know it’s only because we sent one to them} Then a few days later a box arrived for the girls.  It was their Christmas presents.  Now.  I am not happy with what they sent and neither is Kayla.  Lucky Kelsie just don’t understand.  I can’t change what was sent and what has been done. {rewind} A while back I sent him a fwd via email and his email had been deleted.  Well on Thanksgiving day I received a fwd from him.  Then again on Christmas day I received a fwd from him and since then I have received another fwd from him.  This is that inconspicuous way that I was talking about.  I truly miss him and I know the kids do.  It breaks my heart to hear Kelsie saying “granddaddy don’t like us anymore”. 

- I don’t know about anybody else but I am ready for Spring!!  This cold weather is horrible.  I have always wanted to move up North where it snowed for most of the winter.  We were out at Sam’s the other day, freezing and I was complaining.  Zack said you know it’s colder up North.  {he’s from Indiana}  I said yes, because of course it is.  But it was a reality shock, I don’t want it to be colder than what it has been here.  That’s just TOO cold!

- I have started a diet this week.  I didn’t really want to “tell” anybody because I fear it would only put me in sabotage mode.  Well, it’s safe to say it’s Wednesday and I haven’t cheated yet. {yea, only 3 days} But still, that’s a big deal!  I don’t plan on doing this as fast as I did last year but I’d like to be down 30 pounds by June.  I can do it!  I know I can, anybody can do whatever it is that they put their mind too. 

- I had a turning point this week.  I am not mentioning what it is, but it was a major thing.  I have struggled with this thing for a long LONG time.  I am thanking God for putting this movie on Starz so that I could see it and change my mind for the better. {Thank you God}

- We have been doing so well with our credit cards…I want to sorta shout it from the roof tops!  We have used our credit cards twice in the past 8 months.  Once was an all out emergency.  {the water heater}  The other not so much but I can justify it by saying it’s going to be paid off when we get our tax return!

Ok..So that was very random.  Jumping around everywhere.  If you made it to the end of this long post, great!  If not, then your not reading this sentence anyways. *smiles*


Kelli said...

Yeah for the random post and the three days without cheating.

Heatherlyn said...

Being a planner makes every trip go smoother!

I hope you feel better soon.

And my husband is a credit card hater. It feels good not to use them!

Darlene said...

Good luck on your weight sounds like you have your mind set so it will work! Your trip will be so much fun. We are working on getting our credit cards paid back off. I feel so much better when they are paid off, and we have run one up so it MUST be paid back off. Hope you get feeling better quickly....a week and a half is too long to not feel good.

Wendy said...

I dont know if you know it or not, but you can bring drinks & snacks into the park with you!