Monday, December 14, 2009

From School Musicals to Gingerbread and Company Parties

Kayla tried out for choir this year because she loves to sing {a lot}.  Wonder who she got that from…hmmmm. *smiles* I was in choir myself when I was in elementary and middle school.  She got accepted and so they have been practicing for months now for the Christmas Musical, Peace On Earth.  The 5th grade choir puts on a show every year and this year was no different.  Kayla has come home every day and sang until she can sing no more.  She has stayed after school to practice…they were ready!
December 2009 001
Kayla didn’t have a solo because she missed the try outs for that.  She didn’t tell me until the day after the try outs. : (  Oh well.  She was an understudy after trying out.  But the girls happen to come that night.
December 2009 003
The little boy that played Santa Claus was hilarious!  He added a lot of little things himself. 
Then that night we built our gingerbread house!
December 2009 013
December 2009 015
December 2009 017
December 2009 020
December 2009 025
Saturday night, Zack’s mom and grandmother came over to watch the girls while we went to Zack’s company Christmas party.  It was a lot of fun, the food was delicious. 
December 2009 028
Yes ya’ll I am taller than Zack.  Only by one inch in all measurement reality.  When we are in normal shoes you can’t tell it, but since I was in heels, well there was a height difference. *smiles*
We had a busy weekend and it was a lot of fun.  Next weekend we are going to visit Santa!  The countdown is definitely on, only 11 days until Christmas!!  I still have two dirty santa gifts to get and a few more stocking stuffers for the kids and Zack.  Plus one “santa” gift for Kelsie, plus wrap a few things arriving by mail this week. Whew…I am gonna be busy! 


Kelli said...

Sounds like a really fun have been busy. I think that's so cute that a little kid played Santa.

Darlene said...

Sounds like the choir performance was great. I love going to see the school plays and performances. They all did a wonderful job on the Gingerbread House....too cute!! Glad you had fun at the party.

Have a great Monday.♥

Amanda said...

What a fun weekend! Yall look awesome, and I want a bite of that gingerbread house :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Whooot whoooo! You look really nice all dressed up! I am an inch taller then my husband too. You can't tell if I don't wear heels either.
Looks like you guys are having a great time together as a family this Christmas!

I just wanted to stop in and say, "I'm back" I've missed everybody and hopefully we are back on track. Thank you Joanna so much for praying for Timmy-He is back to normal now!

Have a great week,

Much love,

Kay said...

Oh I remembered the name of the shrug like the one you wore to the Christmas party. I always called it a bolero. Ya'll look great and wrawrrrrrr the bolero was a little bit "peek a boo".