Monday, November 9, 2009

Now…Tropical Storm Ida…

I wanted to say thank y’all for the safe wishes!  Ida is now a Tropical Storm and land fall is even farther to the West than earlier.  But in ALL reality they really never know where it’s going in for sure.  It’s only their best guesstimate.

We have not been to the store yet…we will go after Zack gets off at 3.  They are letting them go a couple of hours early to get things prepared.  However we did get all the stuff outside put away in the shed so that it wouldn’t blow away.  Nothing like a missing beach ball for the kids to feel sad about…Or their umbrella on the sand box.  That wouldn’t have been good either. *smiles*


Schools are closed tomorrow.  Which the kids are thrilled about because they were already out on Wednesday.  Zack might be off tomorrow too.  It just all depends.  He works on the water and depending on the storm surge we receive the parking lot may be flooded.  {I wouldn’t complain about him being home}

I am headed to clean up the kitchen so that we can leave as soon as Zack gets home.  Hopefully it won’t be a mad house!


Nichole said...

Stay safe!

Molly said...

Be careful! My parents are in that area too, and they were stocking up on batteries when I talked to them earlier. I kindof miss the hurricanes! They are better than the earthquakes we have here since you can at least prepare for them.

Lilith Silvermane said...

YAY.... ya'll are safe right? Good... that makes me happy.