Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting in the Christmas Mood {a hodge podge sorta post}

So it’s hot here today, not Christmas weather at all.  Yet with all this Christmas Ornament Swap emailing and pairing up I am getting in the mood to crank the air down low, bundle up under the covers and grab some hot cocoa and put on some Christmas music.

But to keep my kids from laughing at me, I’ll refrain from the above.  Instead I will keep checking off my list of swap partner emails and think about what to get for the giveaway! 

I have a little list that I have been keeping of what I want to send to the winner.  Because I appreciate all of ya’ll that signed up!   All 50 something of ya! *smiles*  I’d love to send something to every one of y’all but with this economy I simply can’t.  But a big ((hug)) to you all!

I am SO very happy that this turned out to be as big as it has.  Zack kept saying every time I’d update him on the number of participants “that’s just more work for you”.  Yes, well that is OK by me!  And if everybody is extremely happy with this swap this will only be the first of many more ornament swaps to come!


Ok on another note here…It is Halloween time and I love watching scary movies, not the scare ya to death give you nightmares kind, but the old school, the original horror movies…Halloween is my all time favorite.  I ran across it one time on tv when I was in middle school and just liked it.  No I am not a freak, I just like to get spooked from time to time.  And this movie isn’t blood and gore like so many others.

Well, every year on AMC I have gotten the chance to watch at least the first, second, fourth and fifth ones.  And they would play nearly all month long.  And well it wouldn’t be just AMC showing horror movies but a lot of other stations as  well.  But I noticed last year that for some strange, odd, demon like reason {yea I did say demon} there are Christmas movies on in October and horror movies on in December.  Why is this?  I do not want to see Miracle on 34th Street in October and I don’t want to watch Freddy VS. Jason in December.  It’s just not that time of year, it’s just outta sorts, outta whack.  What is up with that?!  Has anybody else noticed this.

And while I am on the subject of horror movies….What is WRONG with us?  Not necessarily you or I, but with so many others.  I am referring to horror movies.  Look back at the old school horror movies {Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc} and look at those of today {Saw (all of them), Hostel}.  It’s horrible.  Those movies are just too much, too real, too life like. 

Ok…told y’all it was a hodge podge post! *Smiles*


Thena said...

We wonder every year if it's going to be cold on Christmas or not. Most of the time it still gets up into the 70's. Maybe I need to remember to turn the a/c down if it is that warm.

Beth in NC said...

Hey there. I am in the mood for Christmas too. I can hardly wait to start Christmas shopping!

I do NOT do horror movies at all. When I was a teen, I did and I still have some of those images in my memory.

Back to Christmas. Yay! I am trying not to skip over THANKSGIVING.

Rambling Girl said...

I know what you mean...I am excited about the holidays but let them come in order...

It has been a rainy day in GA...and cool with the rain but the warmness is coming back later in the week...I am so tired of this..I am ready for cool air to stay.

Yep, I love the old school stuff to...but to be honest...I love the Saw movies...yes they are pretty gory and oh I saw Hostel and that thing really freaked me out...Makes you not want to go to Europe.

I want to send something to go along with the giveaway...not much but at least something to add...with the holidays it might be a little easier for some to add to the giveaway...

I love to watch movies with the theme of the season and no do not care to see Christmas movies right now...I will enjoy them once Novemeber gets here but all of Oct. I want horror flicks.

Ok pass my bedtime...see ya later! Have a good night.

Amanda said...

Member Pet Cemetary....and those Cool Ranch doritos??? Ew!

I hate when movies, music, weather, you name it is out of season. HATE it. Why is it so hard just to play scary stuff in October, Christmas things in December, love in February, eggs in April, BBQ and red white and blue in July...GAH :)

Anonymous said...

Well,you know me and scary movies...I did good last night by watching It's The Great Pumpkin,Charlie Brown! Ok,ok,not really! I did watch it but it's not scary of course.
You know I prefer the psychological thrillers like Sixth Sense and The Others but I can still watch the old Stephen King movies sometimes.
Can't wait until Christmas movies but you know my favortite one is the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol.

Diana said...

No horror movies for me!

So ready for the holidays.