Friday, August 7, 2009

Week One of Preschool Over and I Feel Guilty

This week has been a learning experience for both Kelsie and I.  While she learned how to write the letters A a and all about farm animals, I was learning how to put together a complete Pre K plan. 

I am a huge planner and pretty darn organized to boot.  I like to have things laid out right there in front of me so I’ll know what we did and what still needs to be done.  This is in all aspects of my life.  You should see my design notebook that I use for my blog designing.  I have little check boxes and the whole nine yards to see what I’ve done and what remains.  Sometimes all my organized chaos drives me crazy, other times I couldn’t live without it.

I sat down as you know and put together a plan for August, you can see that at the end of this post.  Little did I realize at the time that I had completely forgotten Science and Math.  These of course are just as important to 4 year olds as they are to 5th graders.  So I did some more researching and revised my plans.  I feel much better now too.  Plus there is more for Kelsie to do which apparently she likes to keep busy writing, coloring, painting, counting, etc. 

We don’t have a “school room” because our house isn’t large enough to accommodate a room to just home school, although that would be terrific, so we are schooling in the dining room.  The bulletin board I made I am using for her activities.  She is loving that everybody can see her creations from school.  Plus we will have fresh art work every two weeks! (so I was gonna link to the bulletin board but I can not find it!!)

I am also working on my list of resources to add to my sidebar and I will also add my updated August Curriculum.  I know that I searched high and low for the perfect one and couldn’t get one that seemed well put together so maybe others will get use from ours. *smiles*

Ok…So I feel that I can get real with y’all, after all this is my blog and there are some of you out there that read it and love it.  Here goes.  I feel guilty.  I feel guilty because I am homeschooling Kelsie and not Kayla.  Truth is, I gave it a go last summer with Kayla.  I printed off worksheets, I sat down with her and tried to work with her on some things and she just was not interested.  She wants to home school but she is a completely different personality than Kelsie.  I can’t help that Kelsie is eager to learn and wants to do worksheets until her eyes pop and continues to ask questions about things even after we have finished with our day where as Kalya has never been this way.  I also know that some kids perform better in different environments and that is the problem.  The only way I “know how” to school is with a set plan.  This is what I did in school and learned quiet well from it.  This is what I am doing with Kelsie and the structure is what she thrives on.  She works better on a schedule, Kayla not so much, she is more laid back.

How do I get over this guilty feeling?  I am not sure what next year will intell when Kelsie start kindergarten.  A lot holds on whether or not we will continue to home school.  This maybe just a this year thing.  Zack and I have discussed it, if she is really advanced there is no reason to put her where she is going to be bored and I will continue homeschooling her. 

How do I explain to Kayla that it’s ok that she is in public school?  Does she think we love Kelsie more?  I just feel guilty!


Anonymous said...

I think it's fine for you to homeschool one daughter and not the other because they are such different kids. I don't think you should fel guilty at all and I'm sure they both feel equally loved. Mama always knows best. Go with your instincts.

Darlene said...

I think Kate said it perfectly.

Kelli said...

I think I would explain how you did try with Kayla and she wasn't interested and that you don't know if you'll do it forever with Kelsie. Also that your style of teaching may not fit Kayla's and you only want what's best for her and for her to be educated in a way that fits her. Plus Kate has some good points too. And prayer!

Sherri said...

Like I told you on the phone shouldn't feel guilty because Kayla is different and she may do better in a public school setting and Kelsie may do better in a home setting. I also think you are more worried about this than Kayla is and who knows,maybe by next year,she may be more willing to have an interest in being homeschooled the way you want to do it. I've also said that she may be a different learner than Kelsie and needs to learn in a different way.I hope this all makes sense since it's almost 2 in the morning:)
Btw,I never had any more emails:)

Sherri said...

hey!your time is says 11:58 pm..I assure you,I wouldn't be this out of it at 11:58! HA!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I never even thought about that!

I think it is amazing of you to understand your daughters and know their strengths and weakness'.

You are a great Mommy..!