Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please Add 4 More Hours to the Day!

I have not been a good blogger this week.  Monday’s post was wrote Sunday night and scheduled out for the following day.

Truth is with doing school with Kelsie I have hardly turned the computer on.  I just don’t have the time.

In between loads of laundry and cleaning the house I am reading my blog roll.  In the mornings during my second cup of coffee I have already started school/  She is ready to go when she hits the floor and don’t ever want to stop.

Her favorite thing is worksheets.  We had to go buy a new workbook last night to keep her busy.  Thank goodness her Aunt Kay has purchased several for her that are on their way from School Zone.  She will be thrilled!  We do play dough and listen to classical music, she has been crafting…Monday was a cotton ball sheep and yesterday was fingerprint chickens.   We even went to the library last night to get more farm animal books.  I hope she is always this eager to learn.

I am impressed as well at her handwriting.  Comparing her handwriting to my preK work she is a lot more advanced.  Even her coloring, she hardly ever colors out of the lines!  (yes, this momma is bragging a little) *smiles*

Kayla is learning her state capitals since we know that this is something that she will need to memorize this year in 5th grade.  She’s doing pretty good, knowing 17 of them without studying.  I made her some flash cards and I even made up a rap…Um, yes a rap!  I am tweaking it a bit for better rhythm and flow.  (what do I know about rhythm and flow?!)  She of course got a hoot of it!  As long as it helps her learn, right?!

I do have  a  couple of projects in the works.  One is our pool deck.  july 2009 007

The other is for our bedroom.  I hopefully will get to post these next week.  I know the bedroom for sure but the deck may have to wait.  I am having a hard time finding the Watermelon Krylon spray paint.  I need one can and our 3 Walmarts are out and have been for over a week now!!  Argh!

We did bake our first batch of cookies for our 52 Cookies in a Year next Tuesday..I can’t wait to post the recipe.  I am in the midst of making a button for that as well.  I do have a great recipe to post tomorrow for What’s For Dinner Thursday! too. 

So dear friends as you can see I have been busy with being a mom and teacher and crafter. 

I hope to get some balance soon so I have time to get it all done including blogging! 


Darlene said...

Oh my word it sounds like you are busy, busy, BUSY!! I have heard when you homeschool you are very busy. It sounds like Kelsie is already doing a great job and learning a lot.

That is too cute that you have done a rap. Hmmmm, wonder if Lexi is going to have to learn the state capitals. You might need to video the rap and share....hehehe

Sherri said...

Did you finish the rap? I hope you worked it out with the Arizona/Arkansas segue,hee hee

Beth in NC said...

Ok, I am amazed! This is awesome news. Now I have a question. How old is your little one? Is she WRITING? My daughter will be 4 at the end of the month and she is just writing her name. Am I already behind? Yikes!?!?!?!