Friday, August 21, 2009

Empty Nest….

Well it didn’t last long, homeschooling Kelsie that is.  We were keeping her home instead of sending her to PreK because she didn’t seem to be emotionally ready.  Time warped quicker than fried bologna! 
August 2009 013
I was in the middle of schooling yesterday when Zack called from work.  He was telling me about the PreK teacher calling and letting us know that there was an open spot.  I told him well we are already on letter C and will start D next week and she already knows this and that…we started talking about what I would tell the teacher and that if she would please call us if another spot opens up later in the school year, say March or April.  This would give her enough time to go to school to get used to going before going to Kindergarten next year.  (at that time we may have still decided to homeschool her if she was way ahead)
Well during this conversation, Ms. Kelsie understood what was going on and said she WANTED to GO to PreK.  : (   Well I am not going to keep her home when she wants to go.  So it’s all set, orientation is Friday and we will go and meet her teacher.
We shopped last night for her uniform tops.  I am heart broken.  Is it wrong that a part of me hopes that she is miserable and wants to come home?  I was already looking into the future with homeschooling.  I had pictured that she was super smart, well above grade level and that I would have to continue to homeschool her and that she would end up only going to high school!  Dreams have apparently been squashed. 
We are taking her this weekend to get a backpack.  And she will be on her way Monday morning from 8 until 11.  The only good thing is that Kayla will still be at this school for her 5th grade year.  Next year however she will move schools.  So it’s a good thing I suppose to have them in school together for at least one year.
Just a heads up….When Kayla started school….11 months later Kelsie was born!  My nest was empty and I needed to fill it.  I wonder if that will be the case this time.  I mean I have been wanting another little one, hoping for a little boy this time around.  We shall see.  But don’t none of you get to thinking about that just yet.  I have to make sure that my baby is actually settled into preschool first.  Because if she isn’t ready, she is coming back home to me!
This is what happens when she has been playing with Kayla too long….and they get bored…..
August 2009 017
August 2009 018
Yep, she is pretending to be a LOT older than what she really is!  Btw…she turns 4 tomorrow! 


Sherri said...

Ok...stuffed shirts are so familiar around here..Mam Maw's the one that got that started with Caroline and it is hilarious!They even get into her pads and put them in their panties!I will have to show the girls the picture of Kelsie!They will get a big kick out of it.
About it being wrong that you want her to stay with you at,that's just normal,what would be wrong would be if she wanted to go badly and you refused to even let her try it out(you know I know someone like that).
I'm probably not going to be home much tomorrow so I was going to ask you a question here(also if you don't mind,since you write more often than me,you have more traffic,if your readers wouldn't mind having an input) know how usually with the kids' bday parties,we go out and buy alot of foods to have a wide spread of cake,ice cream,chips,appetizers (not anything fancy,but food does get expensive)...what is your opinion if we had the girls' party as a cake and ice cream party?The ice cream part,we would have all the different toppings(we could also do some weird toppings),more like an ice cream sundae party.Do you think that would be acceptable to guests even though usually we do the whole spread thing?
Since I've already written a novel here,I'll share a conversation I had with Caroline tonight while shopping (it's a doozy):

Caroline: (very loudly)"Somebody farted.It stinks in here".

Me:"Well,it wasn't me,so be quiet!"

Caroline:(still loudly)"Somebody did!"

Me:(still trying to get her to be quiet) "It wasn't us,so quit talking about it!"

Caroline: "I hope it was me!"

Me:(trying not to laugh too much)"Why?"

Caroline: "It WAS ME!"

Courtney Kirkland said...

She is such a doll. Hate that you are getting that empty nest feeling. I'm afraid I'll be the same way. My little guy is only 10 months, but I can sense that I'm gonna be "that" momma too. :)

Darlene said...

It sounds like she is going to LOVE PreK. It is only from 8 - 11 and I think having all the other children around and playing and learning is going to be a blast for her.

Lexi and her friends try to get very realistic when stuffing their shirts now. Usually they make water balloons when they are swimming and put them in their bikini tops. It does look real!!!!!! YIKES!!!

Heatherlyn said...

Yeah, school is very exciting for little kids when they are in the younger grades!!

Lilith Silvermane said...


You take one of my toddlers..

TADA... No empty nest :)