Friday, June 19, 2009

Things Will Get Back to Normal

If you happen to come across the blog yesterday you may have noticed a post that was pretty upsetting ….his has been removed due to the fact that some personal stuff needs to remain that…personal. 
We are moving forward this morning on a new leaf. 
Let me just tell ya’ll about the meeting on Wednesday.  Judy was nice as to be expected.  She was friendly and I can see why daddy took a liking to her.  This does NOT excuse how things were went about and the timing was indeed all wrong.
The girls really liked her…which I figured that Kayla might have had a problem considering the closeness she had with her Granny.  But Kayla told me…”Momma I really like her”.  Even though Kayla may have known everything I didn’t try and force any opinions on her.  She is old enough to make her own decisions. 
The girls are extremely close to my daddy and I was very worried that their relationship was all but lost.  I hope that now we have all met her that the relationship between daddy and the girls will continue.  I was so worried about them. 
I know that some things aren’t right with what has happened, as you may have read yesterday.  And I still feel the same way that I felt about that, but the more I have thought about it, that is my daddy.  And we were so very close…he was my best friend, my hero. 
And at this point, I will leave it at that.
Now….next week…crafty crafty time!!  I have tons of things to show ya’ll!  I can’t wait and I am super excited!!


Rambling Girl said...

Joanna...I hope things work out for you all! Hugs to you!

Woohoo you inspired me with your weight loss that I started last week walking every night and lost 8 lbs in two weeks and the right way to..I pretty much ate most anything but did my walking which I really need to do...thanks for the inspiration! How is it still going for you?

Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing your crafty stuff and Whats' for Dinner next week!

Lilith Silvermane said...

~hugs~ I am so proud of you.

Good luck and I can't WAIT to see what you have done. I found a cute crafty thing the other day... now I just need a lampshade.. heh...

Elise said...

Oh, I hope everything works out okay. Hugs to you...
Kayla's birthday looks so cute!! Love the flip flops!!

Laura said...

I'm so glad the meeting went better than expected. It will get easier with time, just take things slowly. It will be hard at first, but you can still have a relationship with your Dad without involving her and your girls can too. I went through a similar situation with my Grandpa when I was little. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing some crafts!! Have a good weekend!

Laura :)

Kelli said...

I'm glad the meeting went smoothly. I'm sending you hugs from Ohio still. I know all about moving on...because after all he's still my daddy.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, sounds like a really tough situation. I am glad things went as well as can be expected...definitely not an easy thing to deal with. I am sorry for you!

Amanda said...

((hugs)) I totally understand. My mom died 16 years ago, dad remarried three years later. She didn't *love* us and the relationship was always strained. She controlled my dad and when he died two months ago, 98% of everything went to her, not to his children or grandchildren.

Don't feel guilty about getting your mother's stuff. If you don't do it now, you may never get it.

amyrose said...

Sounds like your dad is still grieving despite having found someone new to be with. Be kind to them both and don't make him sadder at this time. Life can be over in the twinkling of an eye - You never know when you may regret that you said and did things now that hurt him.