Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fitness Challenge Week One


So, today is the day, the day to step up on the scale and see where I stand.  1 week down, 7 more to go. 

My info for today…

-weight (168) down from 172  (ok, so why not put my weight out there, who cares!)

-2% weight lost  (this is what matters, it’s what counts)

So, losing 4lbs wasn’t easy.  I didn’t aim to lose 4, I was aiming for 2.  But, I will in no way complain! 

What did I eat/not eat?

Well, I stopped all sweet tea.  I will wait for the cries of shock and horror to stop.

All finished?  Ok.

The only thing that I drink is water, water, water, and more water.  (yes, it does get boring, but I have found that by the end of the week, I finally started craving it.)

I do have my 2 cups of coffee every morning, with all the cream and sugar as before.  (gotta feel like I am getting something extra special from some where)

Bread…Pasta….It’s limited to twice a week.  Chips, well I still eat um!  Yep, but we switched to the baked ones.  Which are way tastier and better for your body.

An apple a day, with peanut butter, thank you! 

Lot’s of yogurt…Which let me tell you, Yoplait (in the blue containers), make these flavors that I swear aren’t really yogurt at all.  they just tell you it’s yogurt to get you to buy it because your dieting and yogurt is healthy  The flavors…Boston Crème Pie, Apple Turnover I promise these are just really the real thing shoved into a yogurt container!!  White chocolate covered strawberries, yes, you read that right.  They make this yogurt…Oh my!!

Turkey and cheese…Salads, chicken and rice, I do not skimp on the condiments because you need some sort of fat in a diet.  It’s just healthy that way.

That of course isn’t all I eat…I eat dinner most of the time (instead of a chicken breast) but I just modify it for myself.  Last night hamburgers and fries…Well, I ate a burger with all the fixings without the bun..No fries, just chips and my pico.  I didn’t miss the bun at all!

Working out….

Well, with all that rain, I wasn’t able to get in what I had planned, which means this week (since no rain) I am going to have to kick it into high gear!  I am following this Fitness magazine plan…I am planning on scanning this into my computer so you’ll see it.  I can’t seem to locate it on the Fitness website.  (gotta get the new magazine too)  This is an awesome magazine!

Oh and the most important thing…I spend lot’s of time at the computer (more then I should), but I know that this has helped me put some of my weight on.  Well, keep moving…..I constantly bounce my leg or twitch my foot…Zack says I will develop a tick that won’t stop, but you know what, I am moving and that’s what matters!

So, here I come week 2!!!


Kelli said...

You go girl!!!! I love Yoplait and have one almost every morning. That sounds like a great plan, cutting things out slowly yet still have a treat every now and then.

Elise said...

Great progress!! I wouldn't post what I weigh, well, I might if I was doing this. Only because its not in the 170's. :(
You sound like you are doing great!! I assume those yogurts are the fake sugar kind?? And yes, I did gasp at the thought of no sweet tea, but it would be worse to get rid of Dr. Pepper. I haven't had one in two days and feel like I am getting cheated!!

Nikki said...

It sounds like you are off to a great start! Keep up the good work.

My Beautiful Mess! said...

Keep it up! I am right there with you...Man why is it so easy to put it on and so hard to take it off!!

Sandy Toes said...

Sweet tea can put the weight on very quickly!
sandy toe

Lamp Tramp said...

Wow, 4 lbs is a great first week. I like your plan, it's not too extreme. You can get used to unsweet tea if you like or use nutra sweet. I know it's not the same and nuta sweet has it's downfalls but it sure tests good when craving that sweet tea.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

You go Girl! I find myself doing lots of excercise at the computer too. Anything to keep my booty moving! I will have to find that yogurt that claims to be white chocolate covered anything! Thank you for inspiring me!

Jenna Z said...

Wooohoooo!! You are doing awesome! I am another player in the fitness challenge, here is my weigh-in post:

Keep up the good work, I'll be checking back to see how you're doing. :)