Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teacher’s Conference

imageToday I will be headed to Kayla’s class room for a conference with her teacher.  It has been a long time coming.  She has received a couple of Parent Alerts from talking during class (wonder where she got that from!) to making bad grades during computer time.

Kayla is a super smart kid, but struggles with being first and the best at everything she attempts, even if that means making bad grades and letting her penmanship go.   I was speaking to her teacher on the phone yesterday afternoon and she said that during reading time when Kayla and her are one on one together that she reads so quickly (which isn’t a bad thing) but then looks up to see what the other kids are doing to make sure she finished before them! 

I have spoken to Kayla about the importance of being the best but that being the best wasn’t always finishing first.  Sometimes being the best was finishing last because the person that finishes last has made sure that all of his or her work is completed and has double checked their answers and their handwriting was great as well.

Kayla has some issues with these things and I am worried that her grades will start to suffer from these things.  I hope that the teacher and I can come up with a plan to help Kayla in class and get her back on track.

Wish us luck!

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the undomesticated wife said...

Best wishes!!

Darlene said...

Oh golly that sounds so much like my daughter. Hope you and the teacher can get her back on track.