Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Weekend….Means…Kitchen!

I am bound and I am determined to finish painting my kitchen cabinets.  It has gone on WAY too long. 

We started this project last year in January.  My mother n law and grandmother n law (is that even right?), came over and helped me ripped down the wall paper while I watched and handed them what they needed.  No I am not a slave driver, they love interior remodeling and so they came over one morning raring to go because I mentioned wanting to redo it. (gotta love helpers like that)

I never took before pictures so let’s look back…This is a minty (wanted Martha Stewart shade) green.  Painted over wallpaper people!!  Take my experience and don’t paint over wallpaper!!


The cabinets were all white and the counter tops…Can you see them there?  Hideous!  Off white (I am sure they were white at sometime) with the speckles in them. 

So after the wall paper was gone, we had a golden wall color.  We also hired a guy to come in and open up the cabinets above our microwave, put new countertops in and cut out a place for us to install a dishwasher.  The look we ended up with….

CIMG0727 Zack installed the dishwasher, new sink and faucet.  On the other side a place for my cook books.

CIMG0728 I immediately went to work choosing paint.  Like the post prior I chose a buttery yellow, but after I painted one wall, I knew that Big Bird didn’t belong in a kitchen!  So I went neutral, I went with plain jane gray!  But it worked.  I chose a color from one of those little booklets at the Big Blue Box Store that includes matching colors.  So my cabinet color came from the matching color. 

What do we have so far?

CIMG2093 The wall doesn’t really show up here, but it’s lovely.  The cabinets have been painted and new hard ware added.  We also took down a shelf on each side of the sink and took out that scalloped edging.  The new light hanging here made a big difference as well. The other side has the same wall color but the cabinets still haven’t been painted.  The only thing I did do was paint the area above and around the microwave.  We also installed new track lighting.  A ceiling fan (which was in here prior) wasn’t needed.

november2008 163 I had to paint the inside there and I moved the lamp up because I like it better there.  You can also see the difference in the paint color if you look closely.  It’s not the same white that the cabinets once were.

I want to finish painting this side.  This side has the least amount of cabinets and it shouldn’t take that long. 

Once they are painted and the new hard ware is installed we will install the floor and be done.  I will be oh so happy!

I know that the flooring won’t get done this weekend but hopefully the cabinets will.  If they get done, I will post pictures for sure!

Oh and if you scroll back up and look at what is behind the stove…That will be replaced with the metal looking stuff.  Like this….

image So wish us luck and maybe a slow down in the time would be nice! *smiles*

Do you have any plans for Presidents Day Weekend?


Kelli said...

HUGE plans, that involved a date, some organizing and shopping with my mom. Oh and no kids! I'm a little excited.

Sandy Toes said...

Well, first I love that metal fun and perfect. I love your rooster cute!
-sandy toe