Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Change is Coming…And a Weekly Goal Set!

I wrote the other day about resolutions and goals…I have a few that I have set for this year…Not really weekly though…Although they are on a to do list and I am thinking about adding them to my sidebar…Hopefully a way to keep track of things.  They will end up being weekly because one Monday morning I will decide to do that one thing and accomplish it…
My goals this year….
1. Finish the kitchen!  We started working on our kitchen in February of 08…And as of Jan of 09…Well, let’s just say that the walls are complete and one side is finished.  We did manage during this time to get a dishwasher installed, and have new countertops put in plus new lighting.  I also have a bookcase over my microwave/range to store my cookbooks.  I think that this will end up being a monthly goal, instead of weekly.  The reason behind this is because I am painting the cabinets and Zack is doing the doors.  The hubby is slow….He is a perfectionist and refuses to let me near the doors with a paint brush!  He don’t want me to leave one little streak!  Gotta love a man like that! *smiles* (I hope you all sense the sarcasm there)
2.  Paint Kelsie’s bedroom.  Her walls were painted white before she was born.  Here we are 3 years later and still white!  I can’t manage to make up my mind about a paint color.  I want something pink and she wants blue!  Her comforter has these colors and more in it so I see something funky happening in there. 
3.  The kids bathroom.  Well, let’s just say that this needs a makeover.  Pink tiles aren’t too pretty…But, we don’t have a budget to change them.  So I am thinking of a new approach…We have the beachy/fish theme now and well it’s not cutting it.  I am thinking damask!!  Black and white with the pink and throw in some colors from the floor tiles…Which have different colors in them..We shall have to wait and see!
4.  The gazebo…We have this huge gazebo in our backyard.  I hate it!  The reason…It’s huge and takes up a lot of the backyard…We have a patio and a deck at our pool…Who needs a gazebo when you have these things…Well I have a new idea about it….I am super excited!  I can’t wait until spring so I can get to work on it…Think Paula Dean…..Because where she has her out door cooking space, well I am about to have my own!
5.  Last but not least…Our den….This is where we spend most of our time.  We hardly ever sit in our living room and watch tv.  The walls are tan and the furniture is denim.  I am thinking that ever so popular blue color…Oh and I am painting some brick that is in there white…to really open the space up…I am going for the beachy theme here with white slipcovers and seashells….I am really excited about this room.
So there you have some goals for the year….Though I’d like to start them soon…We will have to wait until after tax time…I am sure you may know why…$$ *smiles* 
Don’t get my last post wrong…These aren’t resolutions…These will be set weekly…Or bi-weekly..Besides the first one because that is mainly in Zack’s ball court.  I can do the cabinets on the other side in just a couple of hours…The doors will take him a month!
Oh and this weeks goal….Since we got the Wii we have discovered that our tv is sitting in the most awkward spot…So this weeks goal is find a new home for it.  I will take before and after pictures of course!!  Stay tuned!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I remember having a discussion with my then three year old daughter (33 now) about wallpaper choices. She selected wild rosebuds...I thought it was a lot of rosebuds. She just told me the other day that she still thinks of that wallpaper and if she ever sees anything like it, she's getting it. Good luck with the ongoing discussion you and your dd are having.

I hope that I remember to come back and see what you do with the tv!

Darlene said...

Sounds like some great goals for the year. I can't wait to follow along with you on your progress.