Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Re-Cap…

Warning…Long post and lot’s of pictures!
I am sure your all wondering how the trip with my daddy went…It went pleasantly well.  We were all surprised, as I am sure he was as well.  The first day however (Christmas Eve) was really awkward.  He pulled up in “her” car.  I was on the phone with my SIL when it happened and I was terrified that she in fact decided to come.  However he brought her car as apposed to his truck, which is a gas guzzler.  He wasn’t sure how high our gas was compared to his….(we are always about 20 cents higher then AL).  That night we went to the park to check out all the decorations and then rode around looking at lights.  Christmas morning we woke up and it was normal again…Nothing was strange.  I will mention that he did leave before we even got up on Saturday morning.  But he did leave a note mentioning he’d be back in late February or early March.  So we shall see!  Although he didn’t call me when we got home and I haven’t heard from him since.
We had Christmas with Zack’s family on Sunday before Christmas the 21st.  Here are pictures from that evening…
december2008 080 Here is the tree once all the other presents got brought in…Looks lovely doesn’t it?  Well just think of all that wrapping paper strode about the room! *smiles*
december2008 081The kids sat eagerly awaiting the presents being passed their way.
december2008 096  Kayla received a lot of Hannah Montana stuff and lot’s of bath stuff from Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works.  She has finally hit that age where toys aren’t going to cut it!
december2008 102Kelsie received lot’s of Barbie clothes and this awesome little horse and carriage.  She actually hyperventilated as she was ripping the paper off and threw herself on the box and told everybody “mine”!  Coloring books and puzzles were also amongst her treasures.
december2008 107  As my MIL opened one of her gifts from us, tears were going down her face.  We got her a family eternity necklace with her initial and the gran-kids birth stones.  And we were worried she’d forget all about her gifts after she opened up Brandon and Rebecca’s…HA!  She loved her necklace! *smiles*
There are no pictures of myself or anybody else opening up things…Zack was cooking while we did gifts and I didn’t think to get my picture taken.  I received everything I wanted from Yankee candle melting tarts to my Gators coffee mug and much more.
On Christmas Eve we carried on with our tradition with driving around looking at Christmas lights and even added to it…We went to a park down the street from us located on the Bay and walked around looking at all the lights they had….
december2008 110 december2008 112 december2008 115 december2008 116 december2008 120It was hot and humid here that night.  But we still had a lot of fun…
The night before Christmas and all through the house the kids weren’t ready for bed…Are you kidding me?!?  They were stoked that Santa was coming the next morning…
december2008 129Christmas morning always comes and goes so quickly.  I normally get pretty depressed that afternoon because your excitement builds and then it’s just squashed like a bug..Or at least that is the way I feel.   Here are pictures from Christmas morning….
december2008 130 Santa always brings the best gifts…The girls only get clothes and pj’s from us.  I like it that way and it’s always been that way since Kayla was little, so we carry on…Why mess up a good thing?!?  They always have different paper from each other and Santa always leaves it for me to use next year as well.  Thanks Santa! 
december2008 131 Santa always brings the girl some big gift for both…This year it was more PlayHut things…Tunnels and cubes…You can change these and move them around however you want.  Last year the girls got a huge Little Mermaid tent that this will connect too.  We of course don’t plan on hooking them all up until this spring/summer outside!  Let’s just say that the tent takes up most of this room and then your add those little things and WOW!  *smiles*
Here are some pictures of the kids opening up a few things…There are just too many to put here so these are my favorites!
december2008 134 december2008 135 december2008 142  december2008 151
december2008 148 december2008 149 Santa has brought them a Cabbage Patch that resembles their looks for the past 3 years so it carries on!  That is the only baby doll that Kelsie actually owns…It’s just a big memory with me because I always got one and I want my girls to have the same.
And here are some recaps of gifts not from Santa….
december2008 157 december2008 158 december2008 162 december2008 164 december2008 174 december2008 183
And that was our Christmas….We had a wonderful day….No kidding…We spent nearly 10 hours on Christmas Day playing the Wii…Between the Wii Sports games that came with it to Mario Kart, American Idol and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, we put it through the ringer…As well as ourselves.  We woke up the next morning in so much pain! I think that means are are SO outta shape!  Hopefully this will help out! 
Btw…If you want a Wii Fit but are unsure, let me assure you that you need one!  It’s awesome!  I have used it everyday since Christmas Day and I love it!  I have unlocked so many things and it’s just really fun.  You forget totally that you are actually exercising!  Perfect for me….
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I will try and catch up on blogs in the next day or so!


Darlene said...

Hi Joanna,

It looks like a GREAT Christmas at your home. Lots of great pictures! We too got a Wii and were so sore from bowling it was ridiculous!! We will be adding a Wii fit to it at some point. We might try to wait until Lexi's birthday in March....we'll see.

Lilith Silvermane said...

That looks like tons of fun!

Hey.. we need to talk. I've got a ton of ideas for our "endeavor".. I'd like to start January 5th.

Email me: LilithSilvermane(at)gmail(dot)com

Amanda said...

Soooooo awesome! Yall look like you had a total blast for Chri-mus!