Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet ~ And Christmas?

As Halloween is now officially over, I have taken all my decorations down including those just for “fall”. I am a HUGE Christmas person. I put up our inside decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year was going to be different. We were going to have Thanksgiving here and so I was going to wait. Seeing as I am sure that family didn’t want to eat Thanksgiving dinner and look at our tree! But, now we have changed plans, I think, and we aren’t having it here and therefore I can put out my things! This really makes me happy! *smiles*
But before I go on and start talking and bringing up Christmas ideas and decorations. Here are the pictures from our pumpkins that we carved on Thursday night and Saturday night at Zoo Boo with Brandon and Rebecca (Zack’s brother and wife) and Mirah and Ziah, our nieces (Alicia, Zack’s sisters kids)october2008 142 and Zack’s mom.
october2008 147
october2008 149 october2008 155
october2008 152Kelsie chose Cinderella and Kayla chose the skull and cross bones. She cleaned, stenciled it and carved it all by herself. Her skills certainly came a long way from last year! I didn’t take a picture of mine until it was lit up and I am unsure if you can see it all that well. If you remember I had the white pumpkin and I decided to do Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Zoo Boo….
october2008 156 The only picture I got of Ziah because she was sleeping in the line and then it was a madhouse inside. I darted ahead of Kelsie and Mirah hand in hand and scooting them along to get candy. Kayla was right up behind us. And the family was well, they were somewhere following. *smiles*
october2008 157
october2008 164
Sadly, those are the only pictures I got. I really thought I had more. But it was really busy! That’s a great excuse I assure you.
Here is Kelsie’s long awaited birthday present from Uncle Mike and Aunt Kay and Zack’s grandmother. She added her money together from the two of them and got the biggest Little Pet Shop house possible.
october2008 166
She couldn’t be any happier. She loves it. We let her choose it all by herself. We were going to get two separate gifts, but she insisted on having this. So, we told her she would only be allowed to get one. She was ok with this. We came home last night and she played with it for at least an hour!
And what I did last night after the kids were in bed…..
october2008 168
I told y’all I started early! *smiles* Actually I had a good reason…We finished up Christmas shopping for the big items and I needed the closet space! I am almost out of space to hide items in. The big box beside Elmo there it needs to head to the closet in the hall today!


Darlene said...

WOW great pumpkin carvings...really good!!

I can't believe you are already decorating for do love Christmas don't you!?!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Boy, you are on the ball with the Christmas stuff, aren't you? :) It was all I could do to take down the Halloween decorations.

Stacey said...

Precious kids!!