Friday, November 28, 2008

THAT Project!

So, Thanksgiving is over and now I can focus on projects and such with more time..  I will say that I won’t take on anything again so tedious.  This took so long and although I love it, my daughter pointed out last night what was I going to do if  a light ever went out…Well, Kayla to answer your question….I will cry! *smiles*

So, last year I saw this lovely “garland” which was made out of ribbon.  In between to two pieces of ribbon was a stand of lights.  I said to myself then, “I can do that"!”  Well, I did that!  After finger pricks, blood and tears, here is my ribbon garland…
november2008 104 Don’t look too close because my sewing skills are horrible and well a light might be trying to poke out as well….And where is this at?  My cedar chest in our living room (this is it’s holiday location), and on top of this I have my Manger scene with this ribbon garland now….And the icing on the cake…
november2008 092 My husband suggested that we buy some fake snow as well to go mixed in…I think he has a good suggestion, so I will be getting some and seeing how it all turns out.  I am very happy at the moment with this because I worked so very hard. 
If you have a sewing machine, by all means grab yourself some lights, (100 on a strand), some wire ribbon (your color choice) and sew one side all together and then put the lights in and sew up the other side.  I don’t suggest that you take this on without a machine, but it can be done.  I mean heck, if I can do it, so can you!

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Amanda said...

What an awesome idea! That is fabulous! Plus the ribbon can be done in any color. Girl...we GOTTA get you a sewing machine! No ifs ands or buts!