Friday, November 14, 2008

Blogger Designs??

Yes, I can!  I tried to launch a so called Blogger design business last year.  It went nowhere too fast.  I would design my own layout as well as close friends and family, plus give them away at blog parties hosted from other sites.  I didn’t sale a one of them. 
It was bad, needless to say.  It wasn’t that I was offering too much, I had a full layout priced at only $35.  Maybe it was too cheap, haha.  Who knows!  And yes, I was doing custom ones…As far as what people wanted with colors and such.
Yesterday I was on the search for a blog designer for a new layout for JoJo's Place (my review/giveaway) blog.  I looked high and low, prices included.  I couldn’t bare to pay upwards of $125 to get what I wanted. 
So, I took it into my own hands, yet again.  Only this time, if you were a follower then and still are, you will see what improvements my skills have made! *smiles* 
I printed out tons of HTML codes and looked at blogs that I loved the designs of.  What did I end up with??
Ain’t she pretty?!?  Of course you will have to hop over to get the full effect of it.  The navigation bar works and well, the whole thing is just so me!  My favorite color is green, btw. *smiles*
Next…I will be making a beauty this weekend to adorn this little blog I have here.  It will be all Christmasy, considering we are putting our tree up this weekend.  *gasps*  I know!
My defense, read on, it’s a good one….Time flies, life is too short, and Christmas is here before you know it.  If you wait until the weekend of Thanksgiving then you will have your tree up for, yes, a month, but, will it feel like that long? 
So, let Christmas decorating begin!  Have a great weekend all!!  Check back on Monday to see my new digs as well as some Christmas decorations! *smiles*


Darlene said...

I can't wait to see your new blog design. I think we are waiting one more weekend before putting everything up. I can't wait!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Way to go girlie! I think the blog header you have up right now looks adorable. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Ruth Ann said...

Great website design! It is soo chic! Did you make the graphic of the lady and dog? I'm soo jealous! I bet if you tried again you could make a fortune!

Amanda said...

Looks great J!