Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Southern Girl Paints!

Painting is in my blood, so to speak. Mt mother painted, my daddy still paints, just not pictures anymore. He now makes 3D fish and paints them. It was bound to surface in me one day. I just didn’t feel it was so soon.

Wow, you are all thinking, it sounds like I must be the up and coming Picasso. I think not, really. It’s not even a scene or anything. Something easy, something that would be simple that even I am sure that Kayla could do herself.

I chose to match up colors with Kelsie’s quilt on her bed, since this little painting was going in her room.

I purchased paints and brushes, laid out the newspaper, got the pencil and ruler and begin my work.

october2008 044 As you can see, I stuck to stripes, I figured it was the easiest thing to paint and go with for my first picture.

And the final product….

october2008 018 Over the top of the whole painting I smeared and wiped gold paint. I felt that it helped sorta bring some sparkle to it. I also realize the next masterpiece, *smiles*, the lettering will be thicker. I was so worried about the letters. I hadn’t done “bubble” letters since high school and so I decided to go against using them.

My next painting will be for Kayla. She wants it to say “Drama Queen”! Wow, is all I could really think when she said this to me. I guess she is preparing me for the upcoming teens!


Amanda said...

The painting is SO cute! I am loving the strips btw!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What a cute idea! I love the stripes. I am impressed that you can just paint things like that...I am terrible with freehand stuff of any kind!