Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Camera is Missing and an Anniversary Date

You know that one important part of your life, besides your kids and husband and no I am not talking about chocolate (although it’s important too *smiles*)…My camera is missing ya’ll! I remember taking it to putt putt on Sunday but can’t find it anywhere. I searched in my purse and in Kelsie’s bag, all through the house and it’s no where to be found.
I am really lost with out it. I have pictures of course from putt putt, but also of my Halloween things that I have out. I would love to show you all. And I even have some from a craft that I did. : (
So sad! I will keep searching of course and when I find it I will start posting.
I would like to say that we had a great anniversary date. Zack and I ended up at TGI Fridays (of all the places). We were just driving out towards the beach and I know of all the great seafood places we could have chosen, I said I am in the mood for some Jack Daniel’s steak! *smiles* Something I didn’t even end up getting! We haven’t been to Fridays in years so of course the menu has changed drastically. I ended up getting the Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp and we got the quesdillas for the appetizer. I don’t remember what Zack got. But I do remember that it was all so good. It was just so nice to be out with just the two of us.
The girls had loads of fun with Brandon and Rebecca (Zack’s brother and wife). They took them out to eat and then to play putt putt and go through this huge maze. We only arrived home 30 minutes or so after they did. We were also informed that they bought the 2 day package so that we could go back the next day and play if we wanted. So of course we did. (that is where the putt putt pictures came from) We had so much fun.
Honestly our family hasn’t really “done” anything like that before. I know I am a horrible mother. Instead of going and doing fun family things we instead go to Target! *smiles* Of course this is only benefitting me. I know the kids only care about looking at the toys.
But we have decided to do something like that monthly. From going back to the maze (they switch it every month or so), to playing putt putt at one of the hundreds located out at the beach to maybe even just going to the zoo. Even though our zoo is horrible!
So off to search for my camera. Wish me luck ladies! I need it ever so much. I hope to be back in picture posting action soon!


Darlene said...

Oh, I do hope you find your camera soon...I know you just feel lost without it!

Glad you had a great anniversary...and the putt-putt the next day sounds like fun! Good idea on monthly outings!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

OH no! I hope you find the camera soon! And good for you for going to TGI Friday's for your anniversary if that is what you wanted! I am all about doing what makes you happy!