Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Southern Girl Loves Feathers….

I have found a love for something. Something that I can see all over the place in various places, tucked around things, inside things, really in lot’s of places. Let the imagination run wild with it. This love actually came when I purchased that chocolate feather boa for my wreath. I never realized just how much fancier it made it look, until after looking at it daily, thinking “wow”. (not to toot my own horn, I assure you) I just feel that feathers could really do a lot to things. *smiles*

So, what did I do with feathers? Well, I posted a while back about how to make a drink koozie and on my koozie I had used pieces of an orange feather boa, well I had some left over and weren’t really sure what to do with it. It had been sitting in my fabric bag (what you don’t have one too?) and leaving it’s lovely's all over my fabric that I was going to make raggamuffin garlands with. I took it out and looked around…..

september 2008 007 I had purchased this cute little sign and it just is sitting on my tv stand in front of the tv. I was thinking of putting it on that little shelf above the tv but that is home to Mr. Scarecrow and his pumpkins. *smiles* The Halloween sign just looked bare sitting there, so what did I do??

september 2008 009

I decided to put those feathers to use, and since they were orange what a perfect fall/Halloween color.

And I was thinking last night, what a great idea. I want to get a red and green boa for Christmas coming up and decorate with it. I am thinking about using them some way with Christmas ornaments (balls). I of course will show you ladies what I do! *smiles* The boas came from Hobby Lobby, they were $3.99 a piece, not bad when they are really so versatile.

Again, sorry about the pictures, I am changing the settings and playing with my camera, trying to get it to take clear shots again. This is the camera that I used last year to take the kids Christmas pictures, they were so great when printed in 8X10’s that people actually thought I took girls and had their pictures taken professionally. I am lost at what to do. My DH is thinking that I should clean the lense. Does anybody want to help out and give me pointers on how to do this? The lense won’t come off, it’s really just a standard digital camera.

Have a great day everyone!


Rambling Girl said...

I have been thinking the same thing. I have a orange and black boa from when I went on a cruise a few years ago and thought oh I could use this for something...I love your sign and the boa just added so much more to it.

Sherri said...

get an alcohol pad and clean the lens,ok I would type more but I know we'll be on the phone later anyway:)

Darlene said...

I have that same Halloween sign....your orange boa really adds something to it!!!

Can't help you at all with your camera, all I know to do with them is take pictures and get them onto the computer....it kind of sounds like a setting has somehow gotten changed.......

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great idea! I have been scared to use feathers in my house but I love how that looks on your table. Thanks for showing it to us! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Those feathers make that sign! Great thinking! I would love to use feathers but I have a feeling it would be around one of my girls necks for dressup!
-Sandy Toes

Susie Harris said...

Very pretty... Think I need more feathers!