Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pay It Forward

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my friend, Kellis' blog.  That day she happened to post Pay It Forward.  This is where you get a special little gift from the blogger if you happen to be on of the first 3 commenter's.  I was the first one!  Super excited, I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to get. 
Yesterday on the way out the door to get Kayla from school I grabbed the mail.  I was so happy to see the package in the mail box.  I opened it as soon as I got to Kayla’s school.  The goodies inside included….
A Card – Sweetly written by Kelli!
A little notebook – perfect timing.  I was going to pick one up soon because I always needed paper in my bag and never have any.
Pens - Of course a notebook isn’t any good without pens!  Different colored ones at that!  How did she know I love colored pens?! 
Bookmark – A cute little bookmark with a flip flop on the end.  I immediatly replaced the 3-D glasses that I was using and put the cute new book mark in the Twilight book I was reading.
Jelly Beans – Not just any jelly beans, but Jelly Belly Beans!  My favorite.  I was so happy to see those, I was hungry at the moment, Kelsie and I ate them all!  (reason for the empty pack in the picture)
Car Scents – I love Yankee Candle.  Everything smells so good from there.  Have you tried their car scents thing?  (technical term??)  Anyways.  This one smells so good!  I of course hung it as fast as  I could.
018 020I am sure as I was opening everything and parents were walking by, I looked as if it were Christmas.  *smiles*
Thank you Kelli!  I loved each and every one of the items you sent!!
Now, it’s my turn.  In order to participate you must be willing to Pay It Forward as well, it is only fair.
In order for me to pay it forward you also have be willing to give me your address.  I will email the first 3 commenters to comment!  I will be paying it forward to you!


Kathy said...

What a sweet idea! I love it!!!!

Kelli said...

Skip me of course...I laughed out loud at the empty package. I love those jelly beans, they are the best! I'm glad you enjoyed your package, I enjoyed sending it to you. To see how the bookmark works go here:
They are so cool to make and I loved that I was able to personalize it a bit. ENJOY!

Kathy said...

Wanted you to know I was "paying it forward" on my blog! What a wonderful idea~~~ :>) Come on over, sometime!