Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life Always Throws You for a Loop

Things were going good and then bam, life slaps you in the face!

Yesterday I went to go and get a wonderful one hour massage by my cousin for review…by the way if you are locally in Panama City you should go enter the giveaway for a one hour Swedish massage, *smiles* You can enter that here.

Anyways…I came home relaxed and feeling wonderful.  I went to put on a load of clothes and take a bath around 4 yesterday afternoon…Got out and the kids were playing the Wii.  I heard water dripping from somewhere and thought it must be raining.  I peeked out the door and well it wasn’t raining.  I ask Kayla to take a walk around to see where she heard it coming from.  She got to the hallway and said “momma it’s coming from the closet”.  The closet where the AC unit and the hot water heater are located.  I got up thinking it was the AC because we totally forget to pour bleach down the drain {this has happened a few times}.  When I got to the closet and looked…water was leaking out the hot water heater!  OH NO!  I call Zack and tell him to come home that I don’t know what to do.  I call my sister n law because like I told Zack, I don’t know what to do.

My brother tells her to tell me to turn the water off to the water heater.  Ahh.  Ok, it stopped leaking out the top but still coming out the bottom {slowly, thank goodness, we have Pergo flooring}. 

It was a long night none the less trying to reach a plumber, without any luck at all.  Calling the two plumber like friends that know how to do this, but no luck, they can come over today but no water for the night!  I need to wash clothes…kids need uniforms for school…they needs baths…dinner, we haven’t even fixed dinner and no money to go out to eat. 

I got online to reply back to an message from Joelle {my cousin that gave me the massage} and told her what was going on.  Before the message got to her good, the phone was ringing and it was her significant other asking if he could help.  He and their son came over LAST NIGHT and they and Zack went to buy a new water heater and installed it, LAST NIGHT!  Thank you God, my prayers were answered. 

We all went to bed late, but we went to bed clean, fed, dishes and clothes washing. 

Life always seems to throw you for a loop when everything is going great!


Tracy Bentley said...

this is very true. but you held on tight and god provided.
have a great day!

Kathleen said...

Faith...glad to hear all worked out!

Darlene said...

Yes, it is a pain when something like that happens. Glad you got it fixed the same night.♥

Jaime G. said...

ohmylanta. i got stressed just reading about it. glad God provided and everthing worked out!

Kelli said...

Oh no. These moments can be hard but there are lessons in them, really there are.

The Un-Nester said...

Oh gosh! Glad its fixed now. Such a pain in the butt!

Heatherlyn said...

At least that one had a happy ending. You saved hundreds of dollars by installing it yourselves. Sorry it had to happen though. It would be nice if nothing would ever break.

Unknown said...

From the title of the post I wasn't expecting a positive ending.
You have great friends. Enjoy your new water heater.

Anonymous said...


Life is good. HE gave you friends that gave up their time and efforts to help. How wonderful is that?!
Merry Christmas!