Friday, April 24, 2009


I have seen lot’s of my bloggy friends reading it, I have seen plenty of people on Myspace and Facebook talk about it.  It just never really clicked that I should pick it up and read it or watch the movie for that matter.
Well….Let’s start from the beginning.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  After the 7th book I think I had a nervous break down thinking that I would never read again.  yes, i felt that way. Because nothing would ever be able to capture my attention the way it did.
Then I read last year on a mom blog some where that if you were a Harry Potter fan, like she in fact was, that you had to read Twilight.  I doubted that it would ever live up to Hogwarts and Harry, Hermoine and Ron.  So I never picked up any of the books, nor did I even look to see what the books were about.  I saw the movie trailer last year and thought…”Huh, it looks alright.”
Present time….We got a call a week ago from Movie Gallery for 2 free rentals.  never called before, it was a sign!  So, I told Zack that I wanted to rent Twilight.  I figured since it was free that if it wasn’t any good then no waste of money, right?  Well, we watched it on Saturday night and I fell in LOVE, not just with Edward, but with the movie, the story, the love…I watched it again Monday night back in the bedroom while Zack and the girls watched the movie they picked out.  Tuesday was the day it had to go back…That night…I went to Target, bought the 3 disc special edition and the first book!
I started reading it as soon as we walked in the door that night (around 8pm).  I had the 498 pages read completely by Wednesday night at 9:15!  It was that good.  I am going to get New Moon this weekend…I can’t wait.  
So, I can see why everybody is now so into it.  I am jumping on the Twilight band wagon…A little late, but that’s ok, I am sure that Edward will forgive me. *smiles*


Kelli said...

That's's going on my summer reading list. Like you, I hear about all the time and just need to read it.

Darlene said...

You are now addicted like so many of us are!!!!! Don't you wonder now what took you so long???

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hilarious! I too loved Harry Potter, and thought that Twilight was a lot of fun. Definitely sucks you in, doesn't it? Enjoy the rest of the series!!

Laura said...

Welcome to the club!!! I love all things Twilight, brings out the teenager in me! Glad you loved it! For some reason I get a lot of pleasure knowing others like it like I do!

Laura :)